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- The Process -

The production of each Hipi piece is a thoughtfully considered process; mindful in the choice of materials, and conscious in our choice of collaborators.

The result is exceptional workmanship and meticulous manufacturing methods that ensure our commitment to ethical and sustainability standards remains uncompromised.

We can proudly say that our products are 100% New Zealand made.

From the wool, grown and shorn on our farm, through to the scouring, milling and manufacturing of the final product, each step of the process supports a local Kiwi business who has a legacy in crafting high-quality end products from high-quality raw materials.

In every Hipi piece, the collective pride, knowledge and talent of each of these collaborators is evident.


Wool is harvested once or twice a year by the team at Abraham Shearing. Shearing does not hurt the sheep, and is necessary to relieve them of their product, keeping them comfortable and in optimal health.


We’ve partnered with the team at Design Spun in Napier, working alongside the talented Peter Chatterton, to craft our finished worsted spun yarn. Worsted yarn is smooth and robust, meaning it is long-lasting without compromising softness to hand. It goes through a fascinating 18 steps in the process at the mill in order to ensure the fibres lie uniformly in parallel with each other.


We proudly manufacture all of our pieces in Auckland, New Zealand with the Archibald family at Remar Knitwear. While unassuming in presence, Remar are responsible for some of the most prestigious and successful labels in New Zealand. They have a can-do attitude with passionate high standards, exceptional technical expertise and a like-minded approach to the wonder of wool and desire to push boundaries in how it is presented for sale.


With a love of texture, pattern and the possibilities of the knit stitch, Kate designs each limited edition collection from the family kitchen table. Inspired by her experience in hand knitting, she experiments with different techniques and structures to create textural designs that have passion woven into each stitch.

Each season, there will be a new collection of individual designs, unique to the season in which they were grown, in a select colour palette. Johnny gets a real kick out of mum borrowing his arts and craft supplies for her drawing and enjoys helping mum pick which designs he likes.


Leather is a natural choice in material to sit alongside our wool to represent our brand and denote the individual limited edition number of each piece. In keeping with the artisan nature of our products we emboss our leather labels by hand using an arbor press and bespoke brass stamp, with an interchangeable number set for each piece within an edition. It is a labour of love but importantly communicates the care, attention and hard work that has gone into crafting each piece by our own hands.