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-A Greener Choice-

Here at Hipi we’re making every effort we can to reduce our impact and carbon footprint, both on-farm and in business.

We’ve opted to reduce the size of our packages where possible. We use our yarn to tie up our cushions, squishing our super plush feather inners, and making the total size smaller. This means your cushions need to be fluffed and agitated between two hands to aerate the feathers and recreate that beautiful plump look that quality feather inners have, that makes our textural covers sing.

We also use environmentally friendly courier bags that can be composted by you at home. They are surprisingly robust and will get our products to you without damage and without undue residual plastic. It is important however, to take off the courier labels as they are not as readily biodegradable.

If you happen to hear of a new product that could help us out on this front, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at