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From paddock to product, the Tosswill family has launched a range of ethical and sustainably-farmed artisan homewares crafted from wool grown by lambs on their own farm in the Wairarapa.

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"Wool Story a Good Yarn"- Wairarapa Times-Age

“Michael and Kate Tosswill are doing their own work to encourage the wool industry from their farm, Bagshot.

The couple recently launched their new business, Hipi, which sells products crafted from wool grown by lambs on their 586-hectare [540-ha effective] farm near Masterton.

Biodegradable, sustainable and completely renewable, our wool is an entirely natural fibre, grown year-round here at Bagshot. With no microplastics, no chemicals, and no residues, wool is an excellent choice for your body, your home and our environment.”

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"Small Business: Farmers use wool to launch spin-off business - Hipi"- The New Zealand Herald

"Wairarapa farmer Kate Tosswill talks about her creative outlet, branching out to start an e-commerce business and what working on the farm has taught her."

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